LPG Line

P2000 LPG

The P2000 LPG was designed to ensure greater efficacy and safety while supplying LPG. Sharing the same eletronic components as Petrotec’s MPD fuel dispensers range, The P2000 LPG model allows a safe and reliable operation while extending the number of solutions of your filling station.

  • LPG supply dispenser
  • EMC2 calculator
  • Up to 1 products / 2 hoses
  • Flow rates: 60 l/min

P5000 LH Combo

The P5000 LH Combo model enables LPG combined supply. Automatic hose retraction system that provides easy handling making it well-adjusted to intensive use. This equipment provides an easy access to all the components and most options can be installed subsequently, namely multimedia payment terminals and vapour recovery with monitoring. It features up to 10 hoses and the possibility of supply for up to 5 different products.

  • MPD fuel dispenser
  • EMC2 calculator
  • Up to 5 products i 10 hoses
  • Flow rates: 10 to 130 l/min

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